Lake Mburo National Park

This is a special Park; every part of it is alive with variety, interest and color. Its sculpture landscape with rolling grassy hills and idyllic lake shore with a variety of mosaic habitats, forest galleries, rich acacia tree valleys, seasonal and permanent

swamp support a wealth of wildlife. Its mammal diversity is second to none in western Uganda. It is the

only place you can find the impala in Uganda and the only place you can find the Zebra, Eland, Oribi, Klipspringer Roan antelope in western Uganda. Surprisingly it has mammal similarity with Kidepo National Park - about 1000km away in North Eastern Uganda than Its neighbor Queen Elizabeth National Park only 150km away to the west.

Eco-tourism activities

  • Eco-game walk

  • Eco-Boat ride

  • Eco-Bird watching

  • Eco-Night drive