Murchison Falls National Park

This is the country’s largest Eco-wildlife Protected Area whose palm studded grassland supports dense population of lions, Buffaloes, Elephants and Uganda Cob together with the localized Rothschild`s Giraffe and Patas monkey.

Immerse concentration of Hippos and birds observed from the morning and the afternoon launch trips along the Nile below the spectacular waterfalls from which the park is named, named by explorer Baker and his wife Florence in 1864 after the president of the Royal Geographical Society then. This Eco-system was described by Winston Churchill in 1907 as `Kew gardens and the zoo combined on un limited scale`. Churchill hiked, boated and bicycled up the Nile. Since then, the park has seen many more other notables that include, Theodore Roosevelt in 1909, Humphrey Bogart, the prince of Wales (Edward VII) 1930 and the Queen Mother 1959.

Eco-Tourism activities

  • Eco-Game drive
  •  Eco-Fishing on the Nile
  • Eco-Boat Ride on the Nile
  • Eco-nature walk