Semuliki National Park

Being a continuum of Ituri Eco-forest of the DR Congo resulting out of the climatic upheaval of the Pleistocene, this Eco-park is one of the richest areas in both flora and fauna in the whole of Africa, and an extension of DR Congo’s

Ituri rain forest set at the base of the northern Ruwenzori. It has 40 Congolese bird species recorded nowhere else in Uganda, 336 species of trees with 24 endemics such as Isolanacongolana, Nesogordkabingaensis and Ejacisguineesis. While the nearby is the spectacular Semuliki Wildlife reserve which abuts Lake Albert and is one of the best localities for sighting the enigmatic swamp dwelling Shoebill Stork.

Two hot springs are situated in the track of hot mineral encrusted swamp land, where visitors see a two meter jet of 130 degrees Celsius hot water and a 12m diameter pool of oozing 106 degrees Celsius boiling water. You could actually boil an egg naturally within 15 minutes and eat it.

Eco-tourism activities

  • Eco-Hot spring walk
  • Eco-forest bird watching
  • Eco-forest walk
  • Eco-Game drive in Semuliki Wildlife reserve